What happens if the renter is overstaying at my spot?

A late fee will automatically be applied to the renter’s transaction if the renter overstays at your spot. Depending on the type of booking amount of grace time and the charge will vary.

For hourly and daily bookings there is a 30 minutes grace period, after which a late fee of 1.5x the daily booking rate will automatically apply. Similarly, for multiple-day bookings there is a 1 hour grace period.

Furthermore, if the renter has not moved the vehicle and is causing an inconvenience, the host may reach out to the Parkaze team to request a tow truck to move the vehicle. Our customer service through the chat or phone is always available if faced with any issues and is always ready to help in whatever way possible.

*Given that the spot is available after a booked period of time, the renter has the option to extend the spot.