Tips to consider while driving during COVID-19

You might be planning to drive out of the city just for a day or might be planning to stay longer! However, here are some things you need to know, so you can be prepared.

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    1. First, of course, you should consider, is your drive essential?

Even if you don’t plan to get out of the car other than a pit stop, you can prevent the spread by staying home.
However, if you still need to go, you might have the following questions.

    2. Things to look out for before starting your travel
  • Before a longer trip, speak with a health care provider and also get your vehicle checked for maintenance.
  • Don’t leave the driveway without packing necessary travel documents, including health insurance cards.
  • Take food and snacks with you or plan for drive-through and carryout options only.
    1. 3. Concerned about vehicle’s cleanliness?
  • Renting a vehicle is still an option, though safety concerns need to be addressed. Renters should disinfect high-contact surfaces such as the steering wheel, dashboard control, and seatbelts, and should avoid touching their faces while driving.
  • Driving your own vehicle poses the least risk.
  • Check our other article for tips to sanitize your vehicle