Parking Restrictions and Enforcement Amid Reopening

With Phase 3 of the Massachusetts COVID-19 Response Plan, many of us are beginning to go on trips into the city. However, with public transportation and carpooling apps being questionable in terms of health standards, many will opt to drive instead.

Mayor Walsh announced a few months ago that Boston had updated the city’s parking policies to improve the parking experience of residents going through the COVID-19 pandemic. One striking detail, in particular, was the Boston Transportation Department not ticketing and towing for street cleaning, so people will have alternatives to park.

Further, residents with valid resident permit stickers will be allowed to park in metered or time-limited spaces without paying or adhering to the limits. But, cars without permit stickers will still have to abide by those rules.

Lastly, small businesses have seen great support from the new policies. The laws and regulations created by the city have resulted in the creation of temporary pick up zones in front of various restaurants that have transitioned to takeout and delivery only. What used to be parking spaces have become takeout food pickup zones, which restrict parking to five minutes to increase efficiency for food delivery and retrieval.

But with Phase 3, what will happen to most of these changes to the city’s parking policies? With most places opening up to the public again in Boston, such as gyms, movie theaters, and museums, the city will see an influx of people from various other areas looking for parking near these places.

This uncertainty will remain in our environment for a significant amount of time due to the persistent nature of the COVID-19 outbreak. Will the government improve the parking experience, or will it revert to its original and stressful state? Well, we at Parkaze are looking at these developments with a keen eye and we will keep our readers updated – make sure to keep following our blog for the latest news regarding this space.